Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art shift

October 29th Creative Shift Conference at Rene Caisse Theatre & Sportsplex Bracebridge

ART SHIFT partners 5 local artists with 5 local industires to explore creativity and innovation. Chad is partnered with advenergy a solar sloutions power company.
Art exhibition to highlight creativity in business

Art exhibition to highlight creativity in business. CREATIVE: Artist Donna Buchan used dental floss and toothpaste tubes to create this phoenix for ArtShift, a project that saw artists partner with business owners to highlight the importance of creativity not only in art but in business as well. Buchan partnered with dentist Dr. Drew Markham. Submitted Photo
HUNTSVILLE – This is one art show that will have you looking at car parts and floor cleaner in a completely different way.
Artist Col Mitchell is the curator of a project called ArtShift, which paired five artists with five business owners in order to create artwork that would change the way people think about creativity and business. Mitchell said the exhibition is meant to show that creativity is essential not only for artists but for innovative business as well.
“I would like to see that kind of shift in thinking about creativity, not as it is traditionally thought of, but how it can inspire and create new avenues and ideas for business,” she said.
“It doesn’t matter what job you have.”
Mitchell said innovative businesses were sought out and their owners were paired with artists. The artists then had about two to three weeks to create artwork that incorporated materials provided by each of the businesses.
“There are materials used that may not have been seen in artwork before,” she said with a chuckle. “The artists have communicated how intense this project has been, working with the new materials and finding ways to make them work.”
For the project environmental sculptor Chad Arney partnered with solar energy service provider Advenergy, mixed media artist Donna Buchan partnered with dentist Dr. Drew Markham, cartoonist, sculptor and painter Tammy Gravina partnered with sustainable construction company Skinner Properties, mural artist Janine Marson partnered with environmentally-friendly products manufacturer Lord & Partners and mixed media and encaustic artist Pat Whittle partnered with eco-living store Sustain.
Each business acted as a sponsor for the artists and the results saw artwork that incorporated materials such as auto parts, cleaning fluids, dental floss, brick and recycled items. “These are all very 3-D pieces, very textural, very intricate,” Mitchell said.
One piece by Marson is essentially a painting of a waterfall but it incorporates some of the concepts and products of Lord & Partners to create a statement about environmental sustainability. In a statement about the project, Marson said she chose to make the waterfall out of “oily and greasy auto parts that have been partially cleaned by Lord and Partners ... non-toxic parts cleaning fluid,” adding the piece depicts the separation of oil residue from clean water.
The finished pieces made their debut in Bracebridge on Oct. 29 during CreativeShift, a hands-on workshop that introduced Muskokan high school students to creative career opportunities. The ArtShift pieces will be unveiled again at The Art Space gallery in Huntsville on Nov. 5 and will be open for public viewing until Dec. 18.
Mitchell said the artists worked extremely hard on the project, some often staying awake until 4 a.m. because of their dedication to their pieces and the overall goal. She said ArtShift exhibition is aimed at everyone, from community members to businesses and students.
The Art Space is located in downtown Huntsville off Queen Street and across from River Mill Park. Gallery hours are Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 705-784-0927 for more information.
ArtShift will hold its opening night at The Art Space for Huntsville’s First Fridays Arts and Culture Event on Nov. 5 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Visitors will be able to meet both the artists and the innovative business owners.

Friday, October 1, 2010